Combat Submission Wrestling


Sensei Erik Paulson, former World Light-Heavy Weight Shooto champion, is the founder of Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW), which takes inspiration from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling.

Mel Corrigan is a Level 2 Certified Instructor in CSW under Sensei Erik Paulson and holds the classes at this club.

Students are taught a broad range of skills, from standing grappling to throws and take-downs. Also they are taught a higher level of ground fighting including locking and choking, all performed in a drill format to accelerate the ground fighting potential.

Erik Paulson holds annual CSW seminars at the club in Wigan, usually in July.
Visit the Seminars page for more details

Monday | 7pm – 8pm (Padwork)
Thursday| 7.45pm – 9pm (Ground Fighting)
Saturday | 3pm – 4.30pm (1hr Ground & Standup Grappling, followed by optional 30mins wrestle)

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