Special Offer For New Members of MCKG

Attend as many classes as you like during your first week at Mel Corrigan’s Kali Group for just £10.

If you decide to sign up for a monthly membership package after the first week, you will be reimbursed the £10 so you will have had 1 week of training absolutely free!

To take advantage of this offer, speak to coach Mel Corrigan at the club ahead of your first class.



Sign up for monthly membership by Standing Order
Fees owed up to payment date will be calculated and must be payed by cash.

If you’d prefer to pay your membership by cash instead, it costs £10 extra than the standard price, as shown above.

Prices for classes at MC Kali Group
If you’re a non-monthly member and are paying as you go per class, you must pre-book online and pay via BACS
 Kids and Teen Classes£7 per session
 Core Body Strength (Kettlebell/Fitness Training)£5 per session
 Pay As You Go£10 per session
 Book a block of 10 sessions
(must be used within 6 months of purchase)
 Private SessionsPlease contact the club