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Below is a timeline of unlocking the lockdown and what that means for us at MCKG and the martial arts we teach. Please note these details are based on the Government’s timeframe and may change at any time.

12th April 2021

  1. Indoor Leisure & Gyms Reopen (individual use or household groups only).
  2. Outdoor attractions reopen
  3. Non-essential retail & close contact services
  4. Outdoor Hospitality (Rule of 6 or two households)
  5. No international holidays (domestic only)
  6. Social distancing rules still apply in all settings
  7. Children indoor activities (including sport) may restart – limit of 15.

What does this mean for martial arts?

Whilst gyms can reopen, group sessions are only allowed for children, adults must train individually or in household groups and not in organised classes. This is similar to the old Tier 3 rules. Note that social distancing (non contact) still applies across all age groups.

What does this mean for us/MCKG martial arts centre?

We will open as we did in tier 3 – individual training.


17th May 2021

  1. Indoor entertainment and attractions
  2. 30 person limit outdoors
  3. Rule of six or two households indoors
  4. Organised indoor adult sport
  5. Indoor & outdoor Events (limits apply)
  6. International Travel (subject to review)
  7. Limits on social contact eased – public make informed decision on levels of risk .

What does this mean for martial arts?

Indoor classes for adults may resume. Contact training (pad work and sparring) may resume with consent of athlete or guardian).

What does this mean for us/ MCKG martial arts centre?

A revised class timetable will resume


21st June 2021

  1. No legal limits on social contact
  2. Night Clubs Open
  3. Larger Events

What does this mean for martial arts?

What we have really all been waiting for….the restart of Competitions.

What does this mean for us/MCKG martial arts centre?

Back to full operation – all depending on Government go ahead