Panantukan (Filipino Boxing)

kali-logoFilipino boxing is what is known as the seventh area of Kali (empty hands). There were several other terms for this art in its native land, pangamut, panantukan or suntikan. The word Panantukan was chosen for this art when they introduced it in America because suntikan sounded too much like shotokan. It can be used as an ideal form of self defence. In 1905 some practitioners of the art took it into the boxing ring. This resulted in many Filipino champions, it therefore became known as the Great Pinoy Boxing Era. Most of our Panantukan training comes through Guro Dan Inosanto and Sifu Rick Faye with Maphilindo Silat used to complement the art.

Our Panantukan class welcomes students of all levels from beginners to advanced. The basics are designed to give the student basic punching and defensive skills. Footwork skills will also be developed. Panantukan is an impact art, therefore the basics are the core of the art.

Wednesday | 7pm – 8pm


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